Everett Students Earn Audition for Northeastern District Music Festival

February 20, 2013
Lafayette School music teachers Maciej and Jourunn Kaczmarek are pictured with students Jennifer Melara, Conor Rachlin,Kristi Ho, and Baraka Salumu.

Lafayette School music teachers Maciej and Jourunn Kaczmarek are pictured with students Jennifer Melara, Conor Rachlin, Kristi Ho, and Baraka Salumu.

Lafayette School students Kristi Ho, Jennifer Melara, Conor Rachlin and Baraka Salumu participated in the Northeastern District Music Festival Auditions, a testament to their individual talents and the musical opportunities provided by the Everett Public Schools.

The four students took part in a rigorous audition process that included 963 students from more than 95 public and private schools. A total of 470 students from grades seven through nine were selected to participate in this prestigious Massachusetts Music Educators Association event. Melara, an eighth grader, earned a spot with the girls chorus. Rachlin, also an eighth grader, will play violin in the orchestra, while seventh grader Salumu will sing in the boys chorus.

The program is offered by the M.M.E.A. as an enrichment opportunity providing a musical experience to talented young people. Music students from the Everett Public Schools competed with students from towns such as Lexington, Andover and Lynnfield, among many other public and private schools. The students were selected to perform in the Junior District Concert Band, Orchestra, Girls Chorus and Boys Chorus.  They will rehearse with guest conductors and then perform in a concert to be held at Lowell High School on Saturday, March 24.

  • Saucy Lady

    This is wonderful! Tomorrow (Sat 2/23) from 5pm, we are planning a huge launch party of a music production/DJ class in Everett. This will also be the launch of an art gallery. There will be many music performances, there will be visual arts presented, as well as a fashion show. It’s open to all ages. There is a Facebook Events page, which you can take a look at for more details. I hope the folks in Everett can come and support. Location is 101 Paris Street, Everett https://www.facebook.com/events/192088574267084/

  • nakeisha

    thats awsome hope everybody has fun i heard there going to have a really cool dj