Man fatally stabbed outside pizzeria

November 9, 2010

A police manhunt has led to the arrest of Jamar Leaston, 20, of Everett, who allegedly stabbed to death Nicholas Mackay of Everett outside Nana’s Pizzeria at 410 Main Street Sunday night.

Leaston was arrested Tuesday morning.

According to police and witnesses, Leaston and Mackay got into a fight outside the pizzeria shortly after 10:00 p.m.

The men first apparently came to blows, punching one another before Leaston stabbed Mackay, according to the office of Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone.

Leaston fled the scene leaving MacKay bleeding profusely on the sidewalk in front of the pizzeria.

Mackay was rushed to the Whidden Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The District Attorney’s office has charged Leaston with murder and assault and battery.

Monday, about 40 men and women from the immediate community joined together for a special memorial held outdoors on the spot where MacKay was stabbed.

It was intended as a protest against violence.

Mourners who knew MacKay also posted pictures of the dead man as well as leaving floral displays on a pole in front of Nana’s.

Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to call the Everett Police at 617-389-2120 or to call the State Police at 781-897-6600.

  • Berta Gag

    There is our poster guys, someone finally heard our voices! STOP THE VIOLENCE!!! RIP Nick Mackay~~ We love you,
    John, Roberta, and Ava Bereznoski

  • Ranaholbrook426

    I hope people come to realize that this violence needs to come to an end. I am glad that are voices were heard. Not only for Nick, but for the others that have lost their lives to an act of violence. Rest in peace Nick you”ll be truly missed.

  • Ruin

    There needs to be a larger, citywide protest against how bad the violence has gotten. Residents and friends of Everett need to do something. I’m sick and tired of seeing people die.

  • Concerned Resident

    I would like to know what does the Mayor & Everett Police department plan on doing to stop the violence & crime in Everett? This week alone, there has been a stabbing, resulting in a death of a young father, a FBI Raid, and over 100 cars vandalized in the city?

  • Ashley1172

    R.I.P unclee Nick i lovee youu </3 Alwayss &+ Foreverr
    Lovee Ashleyy Decareauu

  • Ashley1172

    i love you guysss <3


    yea okay he shouldnt beendeareaspecting some one in the first place or he wil still be hear thats is fault for messing with the wrong person its sad he got is life taken awya but its not right for him to just ataginize someone that goes therw alot

  • Ashley1172

    first of all you dont even kno who startedd it so shut the F*** up and mind yourr BUISNESS ~ thanksss byeee

  • Ruin

    There was also a teenage stabbed on Market St.

  • Ruin

    Were you there? Did you see Nick disrespect and/or antagonize Jamar? If you weren’t you have no place to say anything about that night.
    It doesn’t matter. Nick’s dead and Jamar killed someone. That’s what matters.

    A lot of people have gone threw a lot and never stabbed someone with a screwdriver.

  • Kayla

    “first of all youh ass hole” youh didt even fuckinq know him , so dont be talkinq your shit saying he shouldnt bee messing w| the rong person because you dont fucking know what happened . . . . soo shut the fuck up && mind your business && keep it shut if you dont know what the fuck happened yough noo L I F E L O S A E R . . . .

  • jamar is a killer

    JAMAR is a KILLER and I hope he goes to jail for the rest of his pitiful life, wow 20 years old huh? you will be well liked by all the big dick men waiting for you in the pen hahaha scumbag i hope you die and all the other scumbag LOSERS on here defending you.

  • mrsnoski

    Girls, its not worth your time…..we love Nick and thats all that matters. let these shit talkers talk their shit. dont let them get to you, Nick would want u to keep ur heads up

  • mrsnoski

    Girls, its not worth your time…..we love Nick and thats all that matters. let these shit talkers talk their shit. dont let them get to you, Nick would want u to keep ur heads up

  • Jaimie

    I met Nick once when I spent the 4th in Mass a couple years ago with some of the greatest people I have ever known. Other than him asking to kiss me 10 minutes after meeting me and it now being joked about from time to time, I thought Nick was a very nice and respectful young man and he deserves to rest in peace and be missed by everybody who loved him. I’m really sorry for all who loved him.

  • Dlw06

    My family has lived in Everett for over 85 years. As a child I visited my grandfather in his Everett home. We knew all the neighbors, and it was a safe environment. Now that I am living in Everett in the family home, I have witnessed so much violence. From hearing guns fire in the early morning, to teenagers fighting and throwing stones. Now, a useless stabbing. How do we as citizens of Everett, regain peace, and feel safe on our streets? To the family and friends of Mr. MacKay, my condolences.

  • sue sue R.I.P NICK

    ight we all no who eva killed nick is a pussy cuz only pussys use wepons ok nd im happey he go caught cuz i bet u if da dood who killed him had kids nd da best fam eva he wldnt of stabed him at alll in fact nick wldnt stab him in da first place ok im on kaylas side ok ok i luv u alll lik yall was family <3

  • Rhonda

    Ok so here we go the gangster way of thinking I don’t like the way people speak to mae on many occasions and disrepect me But that gives no punk the right to take anyone’s life!And he will burn in hell for what he’s done!Grow up with your gangster talk

  • Rhonda

    Everett has definaltely changed and not for the good! I am truly scared for my children everytime they leave my home! the Police need to step up and take charge of what is happening with the city.

  • Rina2126

    R.I.P. Nick we miss u so much, and of those that have nothing nice to say then u shouldn’t say it all or even be on this page, god it makes me sick… justice better be served, and the violence needs to stop…. miss u Nick

  • Msjs143

    R.I.P.. Nick, We will really miss you. Love, Mary Ellen, Sara, Justin and Steven.


    heymahoola u must be some kind of clown people saying to stop the crime when hearing comments like that u make me wanna commit violence on u disrespecting my dead friend i really wish i knew who u are i would love to meet up and talk face to face with u and all od nicks friends love him and will defend his honor jamar is a pussy after nick beat him up in a fair fight nick walked away and after nick walked away jamar grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed him so u go ahead and think what u wanna think thats whats wrong with people like u need to get slapped the fuck up

  • someone who tells the truth

    well all i have to say is that i heard that he kept talking a lot to the kid Jamar Leaston and trying to start a fight with him the whole night and if this is true then sorry but hes at fault to u never know who is capeable of killing so u shouldnt start anything with anyone either way it wasnt right but just saying

  • my thought is

    I don’t get the whole weapon thing, in my days we fought fist to fist, one on one. Kicking the shit out of someone once was all it took, and it was over,. Today it;s guns, knives, bats and what ever else. My cousin was murded a couple of years ago and was around Nick;s age, why some one would take anothers life only to get caught and live like an Animal for the rest of their life is beyhond me, So I say put the weapons down Cowards ….. R.I.P Nick !!

  • tommy

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